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Teen Wolf: Intense To The Max

Last night, I rushed to my parents’ house from work, and my siblings and I got together, powered up the DVR, and watched the season 2 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. One word: INTENSE! I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the season opener to this intensifying show.

I’m thinking the premiere starts a few days after season 1 ended with the death of Allison’s aunt Kate, Derek becoming the Alpha, and both Jackson and Lydia being bit by Derek and Derek’s deceased uncle (the previous alpha) respectively. In the premiere, Allison and Scott fighting to stay together now that she and her family (a family that hunts werewolves) know that Scott is a werewolf, Lydia goes missing but is found my Stiles and his father, Jackson’s body is fighting the bite which is causing him to “bleed black blood,” and Allison’s grandfather comes to town for his daughter’s funeral. After the funeral, the grandfather catches “an omega”, which a lone werewolf who no longer has a pact. When they catch him, the grandfather pulls out a big sword and cuts the omega in half by the waist which is witnessed by both Scott and Derek. So the war has started between the werewolves and the hunters…

That was a brief synopsis. I would advise that you definitely watch this show. You will not miss it! An all new episode premieres tonight at 10 pm on MTV!

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Also on deck tonight is the Basketball Wives reunion and an all new episode of Single Ladies. And tomorrow is the season 3 premiere of Pretty Little Liars! (YES!)

Stay tuned because I’ll have so much to say about Teen Wolf and the other programming in weeks to come…

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